Streets/Addresses within HSRRA Boundaries

The plats of Hidden Springs Ranch, Tel Kadesh, & Marcourt West:

Hidden Springs Ranch Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 and 9
Hidden Springs Ranch No. 5 – which includes those areas labeled “Tel Kadesh” & “ Marcourt West”
Hidden Springs Ranch No. 6 – which includes those areas labeled “Wildwood Terrace Estates Nos. 1 & 2”
Hidden Springs Ranch No. 8, Phases I -VI

Streets/addresses within the above plats (all addresses valid unless range indicated):

Those streets highlighted are considered within the HSRRA Boundaries.  View the list of street names and house numbers for a more accurate review.

Appaloosa Way
Ascot Circle
Bay Meadows Drive 1800 – 1845 (section off Rosemont Road)
Belmont Way
Bluegrass Circle
Bluegrass Way
Bridle Way
Bronco Court
Canter Lane
Carriage Way 2055 – 2947
Cheyenne Terrace
Churchill Court
Churchill Downs Drive
Churchill Terrace
Clubhouse Circle
Clubhouse Court
Clubhouse Drive
Conestoga Lane
Derby Court
Furlong Drive
Hidden Springs Court
Hidden Springs Road 19893
Hunter Court
Hunter Way 2926 – 2952
Meridian Circle
Mustang Court
Palomino Circle
Palomino Court
Palomino Way
Pimlico Drive 2317 – 2593
Pimlico Terrace
Pinto Court
Pony Court
Preakness Drive
Rawhide Court
Roan Circle
Ruidoso Court
Saddle Court
Shetland Place
Sorrel Way
Tack Court
Wildwood Drive 19602 – 19746 and 19748
Wildwood Place

If you do not find your street address on the boundary definition, you may join the pool as a non-resident, provided there is space available.