NEW Non-Residents 2019
Lottery Is Now Closed.

When and how are the lottery winners announced?

Lottery winners will receive notice that they have been selected by email.  Lottery winners will then be given 3 days to make their payment for the coming season’s membership, thereby locking in your membership.  If we don’t hear from you within those 3 days, we will move on to draw another name and your slot will be offered to the next family drawn–sorry, due to the tight timeline we are working on, no mercy.  

Please only sign up if you definitely want to join and then, please be ready. You may remain a member under the following provisions:  1) You must renew each consecutive year. If you elect not to renew one year and then decide to come back, you will lose your returning non-resident priority.  However, you are always welcome to re-enter the annual lottery.  2) Your family’s membership remains in good standing.  3) As long as space is available for returning non-residents

How does the Lottery work?

Each year, we welcome a maximum of 185 families to our Association. Registration and renewal is first offered to residents (those living within HSRRA boundaries).  We then open renewal up to returning non-resident families (those who held HSRRA memberships the previous year).  If any space remains, we hold a lottery for non-residents, who either are new to HSRRA or were not members the previous year. Note: The number of spaces available for lottery members is different every year. To determine if you are a resident or non-resident, you can go to our boundaries page here.  

How do I get in the lottery?

In order to be placed in this lottery, you MUST fill out the registration form below by April 30th, 2019.*

* Please note: in the past, HSRRA has held an on-site collection process for information, which has usually fallen on a Saturday in mid-late April. PLEASE BE ADVISED: moving forward, there is NO ON-SITE LOTTERY collection of information. Our new online lottery is how we will proceed starting with our 2016 Season and beyond.

A few more bits of lottery info:

Entering the lottery does NOT guarantee membership.  Due to the typically small number of available spaces each year, we are only able to offer registration to a few of those on the lottery wait list.  There are typically a few rounds of lottery selection due to variables such as people signing up for the lottery but changing their mind at the last minute, late responses, or additional spaces opening up as resident registrations continue to drift in.  The lottery is usually held in early May but registration is often not final until the very end of May.

Because there are usually several rounds of lottery selection, we only notify winners of the lottery. If you weren’t selected the first time, you may get lucky on the second or third round.  Because the lottery process is in flux until it is closed, we do not notify people who have NOT been selected.  We will post on our site when the lottery process is complete.  We know it can be hard to be patient, but please do not email for lottery status.

We will post on this page when the lottery is officially closed for the 2019 season.

Not sure if you are a resident or non-resident? 
Visit our Boundary page to see if you are.

Lottery for 2019 is Closed