Updated 2.25.2015

Section I.       General Rules

1.1.         Only residents within Hidden Springs Ranch Recreation Association boundaries (as defined in the deed and shown on maps on file) may belong to the Recreation Association, except yearly Board-approved non-resident memberships.

1.2.         The Board of Directors shall set dues to the Association, for the period beginning June 1 and ending May 31 of the following year.  Membership is first offered to owners/tenants within the platted boundaries of Hidden Springs Ranch and then to outside families if the membership limit has not been reached.  Families moving into Hidden Springs Ranch after the sign-up period may join the Association on a pro rata basis to be determined by the Board.

1.3.         One household or family membership may be purchased per residence. A household or family is defined as the following individuals, each of whom must be living full time in the residence of membership: 2 adults or parents, any children age 24 or younger. If the primary members are grandparents, grandchildren 16 and under may be listed on membership. Grandparents must be the guardians for any kids not cleared to swim without supervision. Parents of the grandchild are welcome on guest pass.

1.4.         In the case of a rental property, either the Landlord or the Tenant may claim use of a membership, never both concurrently.

1.5.         It is the Association’s goal to be a good neighbor and as much as possible, to maintain an environment that is acceptable to the residents living near the recreation facilities.  This involves continuous efforts to manage noise levels, street traffic and parking, and maintenance of the facilities.  Members are responsible to assist with these efforts by:

5. a.      Keeping noise levels down – monitor/control the yelling or screaming of accompanied children — the use of electronic devices (radios, CD players, etc.) and musical instruments is not allowed.

1.5.b.      Only using the facilities during operating hours; loitering on the premises outside of operating hours is not allowed.

1.5.c.      Driving slowly and cautiously on the streets around the facilities (for the safety of children and residents in the area).

1.5.d.      Parking in the parking lot (if space is available) and if parking on the street, not blocking access to resident driveways and mailboxes.

1.5.e.      Keeping the facilities and grounds clean – don’t litter; place trash in provided receptacles.

1.6.         No person may be allowed to use the facilities unless he/she is a Member of the Association or is a guest of a Member.  Members may use the facilities as often as they like, subject to other limitations found in the rules of the Association.  No guest may use the facilities without being accompanied by a Member.

1.7.         The following rules are in effect regarding guests:

1.7.a.      All guests must be registered in the Guest Log upon entrance to the pool.  Tracking of guests will be strictly enforced and maximum number of guests per family visit is 4 guests.

1.7.b.      Access of guests to the facilities may be limited at the discretion of the lifeguard if crowding, excessive use, or other conditions should warrant it.

1.7.c.      Each Member family shall be allowed 10 guests per season.  A guest pass, allowing 10 guest visits, is included in the annual membership at no additional charge and will be provided to the member at the same time the key is released.

1.7.d.     Once a member family has exceeded their allotment of 10 free guests, additional guest are permissible at a rate of 50.00 per 10-punch guest pass, equaling $5/per guest visit.

1.7.e.      At least one HSRRA Member must be present on the tennis courts when courts are in use.

1.7.f.       The use of guest privileges is not intended to allow for small group events at the pool during peak use hours.  Members (and their guests) doing so will be asked to leave the pool.

1.7.g.      Repeated violation of the Guest Policy may result in forfeiture of membership.

1.7.h.       One caregiver or grandparent per visit functioning as a caretaker will not be charged a guest fee.  Any additional guests will be charged as a guest.

1.8.         General facility hours are from 7:00am to 10:00pm daily (modified while school is still in session).  Special circumstances may dictate different hours and will be posted or communicated in advance.  Use of the facilities while swim or tennis lessons are being conducted is by instructor approval only.

1.9.         The following rules are in effect for the security of the facilities:

1.9.a.      During operating hours, access to the tennis courts is by use of Members’ keys.

1.9.b.      During operating hours, access to the pool is by use of Members’ keys and signing the pool attendance ledger.

1.9.c.      Please notify a Board member if a key is lost or stolen; there is a $10 charge for a replacement key.


1.10.         No glass containers or gum may be brought into the pool or court areas.  Alcohol is prohibited on HSRRA premises (pool, tennis courts, parking lot, etc.).  Food quantities are allowed only in the immediate area of the tables (at least 6 ft back from the edge of the pool – state regulation).  Packaged/canned drinks and small snack foods are allowed on an individual basis and may be revoked at any time on a case-by-case basis.

1.11.         Foul language and obnoxious behavior are prohibited and may result in the revoking of a family membership.  Confrontational behavior and/or ignoring directions issued by lifeguards, Board members, and concerned parents to other parents, kids, and guests will most likely result in expulsion from the facilities.  In addition, the lifeguards have the authority to remove any individual who is acting inappropriately.

1.12.      Association employees’ first and utmost concern is the safety of all members and guests using the facilities; their attention cannot be entirely consumed by a few.  Parents or supervising adults are responsible for monitoring and controlling accompanied children.

1.13.      No pets, bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, scooters, or vehicles of any kind, are allowed in the recreation facilities.  Bicycles must be parked in the bike rack.  Parents are responsible for reinforcing this particular rule with their own children, guests, and other claimed dependents.

1.14.      The Recreation Association is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.  The Association does keep a box in the pool house for short-term care of found items.  If items are lost, please check with a lifeguard (preferably during an adult swim period).

1.15        The Recreation Association is not liable or responsible for injuries to Members or guests arising from use of the facilities.

1.16.      Access to the facilities by non-members must be controlled by the Members themselves; all infractions of guest rules, or any other rules, should be reported to a Board member or lifeguard.

1.17       All memberships are non-deferrable. We do not offer credit for partial years. A resident may decline to renew any year without penalty. To re-register after a gap of more than one year, the resident must pay the full rate to renew and will again qualify for early bird renewal on subsequent years.

1.18       HSRRA Memberships are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

1.19       Photos taken by HSRRA Board, Members, Volunteers, and Staff on HSRRA properties of HSRRA members and staff may be used on the HSRRA web site, Facebook page, and communications for the purpose of building community and showcasing the fun of HSRRA membership.  Photos will not be used for commercial purposes.

1.20.      MEMBERS MAY BE EXPELLED FROM THE ASSOCIATION FOR VIOLATION OF THE RULES AT THE DISCRETION OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS.  No portion of the membership dues will be returned in such cases.


Section II.      Pool Facilities Rules

2.1.         The pool is reserved for lap swimming/physical conditioning first thing in the morning (7-8 am).  In the evening, the last hour (9–10pm) is reserved for adult-only (18 yrs and older) swimming.   Children ages 14-17 may participate in lap swimming, but must be accompanied by an adult. Adult-only swim periods are also established for 10 minutes at the beginning of each hour.  Days or times of the week set aside by the Board for special events or for certain groups (e.g. end of the summer party, swim lessons, family time, etc.) will be posted or communicated in advance.  Special cleaning, chemical, or maintenance issues may require brief pool closure without advance notice.

2.2          Open swim ends at 9PM during regular summer hours (8PM during modified hours). All children under 14 must immediately exit the pool at 9PM.  Children under 14 must be off the deck and completely out of the pool enclosure no later than 9:15.

2.3.         Only personal flotation devices and water play equipment (e.g. approved life vest) are allowed in the pool and then, only with lifeguard approval (safety considerations of all members).

2.4.         Lifeguards are authorized to restrict the entry of guests and/or Members into the pool area when the pool is overcrowded.  He/she is also authorized to remove from the pool area any Member or guest who is in violation of the pool rules.

2.5.         When the lifeguard is NOT present, NO PERSON UNDER 14 YEARS OF AGE may enter the pool area or swim unless accompanied by a person 18 years of age or older.  THIS IS OREGON STATE LAW.  (It is never a good idea to swim alone.)

2.6.         When the lifeguard is present:

2.6.a.      Children 9 years of age and under may not enter the pool area or swim unless accompanied and supervised by a person 15 years of age or older.

2.6.b.      Children 10 to 13 years of age may not enter the pool area unless they are accompanied and supervised by a person 15 years of age or older, or they have demonstrated sufficient swimming skill as evaluated by a lifeguard.

2.7.         A “No Lifeguard” sign is posted when no lifeguard is on duty.  IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH MEMBER TO CHECK FOR THE LIFEGUARD BEFORE SENDING CHILDREN TO SWIM WITHOUT SUPERVISION. Please note that during inclement weather, lifeguards are sometimes sent home early. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure a guard is on duty.

2.8.         Running is NOT allowed in or around the pool area.  Dunking, wrestling, and other acts of horseplay are also not allowed.

2.9.         People with open sores or any infectious disease, such as athlete’s foot, pink eye, or impetigo, or individuals who have experienced vomiting or diarrhea within the last 24 hours are not permitted in the pool area.

2.10.         All swimmers must wear swimsuits.  Cut-off shorts or pants are expressly prohibited.  Infants and young children MUST wear “water diapers” or similar underwear made specifically for wear in the water.  Cloth and disposable diapers are not allowed in the pool.  Public nudity is illegal in the City of West Linn and is prohibited.

2.11.      Only one person is allowed on the slide and/or ladder at a time.  The slide is to be used in a forward-facing sitting position – sliding and entering the water FEET FIRST only.  The pool area at the bottom of the slide must be clear before a swimmer may proceed down the slide. Use of the slide is restricted to those meeting the minimum height requirement.

2.12.      Due to the limited size of the pool, diving into the pool is not allowed.  (Diving may be taught and practiced during swim lessons under the direction of the instructor.)

2.13      If any contaminants such as vomit, feces or any unsafe behaviors or objects are in the pool, please report this to a guard immediately.


Section III.     Tennis Facilities Rules

3.1.         Court hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily.

3.2.         The courts are designated for open play on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Play is limited to one hour when people are waiting to play.  Persons waiting for a court are to use the outside bench.

3.3.         Association-sponsored tennis lessons and other scheduled activities have priority for court use.  These times will be posted or communicated in advance.

3.4.         Courts are for tennis only. No skates, skateboards, bicycles, roller blades, scooters, or pets are allowed in the court areas.

3.5.         Proper tennis shoes must be worn on the courts.  Black-soled tennis shoes are not allowed.

3.6.         Children 9 years of age and under must be supervised by a person 15 years of age or older.