Competitive Swimming: Session 3


Competitive Swimming: Session 3


July 29th - August 8th*
8:30am - 9:10am

*Classes run Monday - Thursday for two weeks

Class Description:
Students need to have successfully completed the Intermediate class prior to entering this class.  Students should be able to successfully swim 3 laps (6 lengths) continuously.

Skills learned in this class:
Warm-up laps at beginning of class
Will learn/refine competitive swimming strokes – front crawl, back crawl, breast, and butterfly strokes
Will learn turns and starts
Will build swimming endurance

Must be able to swim 1 length of HSRRA pool front crawl using side breathing and 1 length back crawl (no stopping)
Rule of thumb – successfully completed Intermediate class (during first class, instructor will verify student meets minimum requirements to participate)
Desire to improve swimming strokes and endurance
Willingness to listen to directions and receive feedback on efforts
Goggles are necessary for the class


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