Welcome to the HSRRA Member area of the site.

HSRRA Rules & Policies

We would appreciate if everyone was well informed of the rules and policies that the HSRRA has for our members.  Please take a few moments to review them here.

Guest Passes

Need another Guest Pass?  No problem!  Just follow the link below to purchase an additional Guest Pass.*

*Please note: guest passes can only be purchased online by current 2018 HSRRA Members — they are not available to the public/non-members.

  • Passes are 50.00 each and allow 10 visits.

  • A visit is counted per non-member, per day… example, bring 2 friends on one day, that’s counted as 2 visits.

  • Maximum guests PER visit = 4 guests.

  • The pass that comes free with membership is valid only for the year of issue. However, should you have any unused visits left on any passes that you purchase, those are valid for the year of issue PLUS the following year.

  • HSRRA is not responsible for the replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged guest passes.

  • Once you have paid for an additional guest pass, HSRRA will notify the guards and you will be able to pick up your guest pass on-site at the pool (during staffed hours – 12 – 9 pm). Please allow 24 – 48 hours for processing. Thank you!